What’s your challenge? We take art out of the everyday and into the hearts of organisations to change the way they work. Together, we’ll bring out the best in you and your business.

Our Story

Our Approach

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Alastair Creamer is a catalyst, a creative and a bridge-builder. Anna Sundt is a business psychologist, facilitator and artist. We run a bespoke consultancy based in
London and Glasgow. After years of successful collaborations taking art into all walks of life and bringing out the best in individuals, teams and organisations, we launched
Creamer & Sundt.

We use the creative power of the arts to solve business challenges.

Drawing on our extensive network or extraordinary artists and creative thinkers we inspire new ideas, disrupt thinking and bring learning to life. People engage, the learning sticks and transformation occurs.

We call this pioneering approach ‘parallel worlds’.

Connect. Create. Accelerate.

We bring out the best in an organisation by connecting people and purpose; creating the right culture for success and developing the right mix of skills to grow the business quickly. While every project with every client is different, all our programmes are transformational and deliver
tangible results.



When Alastair gave the lecture “Arts-based Learning - Businesses use it, they just don't know it" at King’s College, London in November 2011, Anna travelled from Glasgow to listen. As a business psychologist and consultant, she knew the value of bringing a fresh approach to developing people and organisations and was delighted to meet a kindred spirit in Alastair.

There began a friendship, a business partnership, and, three years later, a company.

At that time, Alastair was running Creamer & Lloyd with Ollie Lloyd (now CEO of Great British Chefs). Before then, he spent 20 years in the arts and other businesses, including being the first ever Arts Sponsorship Manager at Sainsbury’s. Alastair went on to run the award-winning Catalyst programme at Unilever between 1999 and 2006. His career has taken him a long way from his days as a Porter at the BBC!

In contrast, Anna's career started at Accenture and after 15 years of consulting around the globe, she undertook a Degree in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. It was here Anna learned to combine her professional experience with her expertise as an artist and in 2008 set up Thirteen28 Ltd.

After many successful collaborations between these two creative minds, Anna and Alastair joined forces and in 2015 Creamer & Sundt was born.



"CEOs believe that - more than rigour, management discipline, integrity or even vision
 - successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity."

― IBM Global CEO Study


Creativity at Work: it’s all about balance.

IBM believes it and so do we. And why is creativity core to business success? It’s all about balance. If you over-use one type of thinking, you and your organisation risk becoming one dimensional. You only use a small portion of your abilities. You miss opportunities and become blind-sided by the competition.

You get the best results with a balance of logic and concept, analysis and intuition. How do you do that? Bring in people who see the world differently, connect with your innate creativity and develop the conceptual skills to solve problems afresh.

Success is all about balance and bringing the idea of ‘whole-brain thinking’ to life in you and your organisation. This is what we mean by our ‘parallel worlds’ approach.


"It's less about what you know and more about what you can create.

Old knowledge is cheap; new knowledge is where the money is going."

― Daniel Pink, 'Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future'



Being a small agency has its advantages. We enjoy designing bespoke experiences for our clients (we are creative after all). Every challenge is unique and so are the solutions. What every solution delivers is a tangible, transformational experience where change sticks and people leave energised and inspired to take themselves, the team or organisation forward.

We work to:

CONNECT. This is about engaging employees, uniting ‘head and heart’ and bringing meaning and purpose to the workplace; it’s about igniting people's energy and reinforcing their connection to the organisation; it’s about people having a great experience of work.

CREATE. This is about culture change and creating the right environment for people to do their best work; it’s about building an organisation where people solve problems and think afresh and where the intangibles of values, strategy and behaviour come to life.

ACCELERATE. This is about getting to where you want to be as quickly as possible. ‘Change will never be this slow again’ (Mark Holden, PHd) which means having the right people in the right place with the right skills. It is transformative experiences of learning and development.